All Dreamhost site hosting plans give you access to our free counter script, which allows you to place a counter on your pages (even those on non-CGI enabled plans!). All you need to do is create a link to the counter script, specifying a location to a data file which stores your count.

The counter script automatically creates a new data file if you link to it, with the count starting at 0 (see below if you'd like to change the starting number).

Copy the following image tag HTML into your page for a quick and easy counter. Remember to change the data file from 'username-countername.dat' to your own name. Optionally, you can specify the counter style (as shown below) as well. Just add the indicated paramaters to the URL below.

<img src=''>

You can also set the counter to any number you'd like, but only the FIRST TIME the counter is activated.

Just add the following command:
where ### is the number you want the counter to start at.

The full tag would look like this:
<img src="">

You use this the FIRST TIME you load the page with the counter on it, after that you should remove the &st=#### from your HTML.

Note that the counter doesn't update when the same person looks at it twice in a row, so don't be surprised if it stays the same number even as you reload it. This is to prevent people from artificially inflating your count.

wacky font selections
Stock A ('&dd=A&istrip=T')Stock B ('&dd=B&istrip=T')
Stock C ('&dd=C&istrip=T')Stock D ('&dd=D&istrip=T')
Stock E ('&dd=E&istrip=T')Visitation ('&dd=visitation&istrip=F')
Hanger ('&dd=hanger&istrip=F')Handwrit ('&dd=handwrit&istrip=F')
Whirl ('&dd=whirl&istrip=F')Silver ('&dd=silver&istrip=F')
Odb ('&dd=odb&istrip=F')Katt024 ('&dd=katt024&istrip=T')
Katt035 ('&dd=katt035&istrip=T')Katt078 ('&dd=katt078&istrip=T')
Katt131 ('&dd=katt131&istrip=T')Baby ('&dd=baby&istrip=T')
Children's Blocks ('&dd=cb&istrip=F')Fat Purple ('&dd=fatpt&istrip=F')
LSBN ('&dd=lsbn&istrip=T')Copper ('&dd=copper&istrip=T')
Poker ('&dd=poker&istrip=T')
groovy counter tricks

Framed (default) Rotated
Zero Padding (default)
Comma (only works with fonts A-E) Clock
Silver Date

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